This function is only available for the Standard and Advanced plans.

Check the number of registered Clients/Partners contacts.

You can view by specifying the period, and download an Excel file.

  1. In Admin, select 'Statistics' from the left menu. On mobile, tap  and a menu will appear.
  2. Select 'Contacts' and go to the 'Clients/Partners' tab.

Clients/Partners contacts status (real-time basis)

You can check the status of your contacts in real-time.

  • In Use: Sum of clients/partners contacts currently registered in Contacts and Trash
  • Available: Number of additional contacts you can register
  • All: Maximum number of clients/partners contacts that can be registered

Usage by contact type

You can check statistics by type of Clients/Partners contact registered in Contacts.

The types of Clients/Partners contacts include 'LINE contacts', 'LINE WORKS contacts from other companies', and 'General contacts'.

Contacts usage by date

You can check the status of registered contacts by date.

  • All: If you select All, each item is stacked and displayed on the chart.
  • Inquire: Select a specific period or manually enter the period and tap 'Inquire' to check the statistics. You can only view data from the last one year.
  • Download: Tap 'Download' on the top right of the screen to download the contact usage data by date as an Excel file.


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