Board User Guide


Board allows you to quickly and easily share important issues or news across the company. You can share different types of documents, such as reports and meeting records.

Depending on the Board Manager's permission settings, all members or only group members designated by the Board Manager can use the service.


The administrator can select the board types according to the purpose.

Write a post

You can write, edit, delete and restore posts. Also, you can mark or unmark posts as a must-read.

Check posts

You can read posts, view photos and files, check members who read the post, translate, and group posts to view separately.

Write a comment

You can read and write comments on posts and change the settings on comment notifications.

Send a post

You can send a post to other services.

Search for a post

You can search by the authors, files, and post content.

Print posts

You can print posts in Board.

Manage boards

Board Managers can move posts to another board or delete posts for member settings and management purposes.

Board notification settings

You can choose whether to receive push or pop-up notifications for each board.