Contacts user guide

Company Contacts

It refers to contacts created by the administrator that contains member information in sync with the organizational chart. Therefore, you can browse and search for member information in the organizational chart.

Shared Contacts

You can manage contacts with company members.

My Contacts

You can personally manage contact information.

External contact

You can add and manage the contact information of LINE and LINE WORKS users from other companies.


You can create a Group Message Room for group-level collaboration and communication.

Search a contact

You can search for a contact saved in Company Contacts, Shared Contacts, and My Contacts.

Print contacts

You can print contact information saved in My Contacts. You can select the size, items, and targets when you print.

Export a contact

You can export contact information saved in My Contacts and Shared Contacts as a backup.

You can export all contacts, contacts by group, or individual contact from My Contacts.

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