What is Contacts?


LINE WORKS Contacts allows you to view your organization and its member contact information at a glance. Particularly, you can manage all types of contact information that you need for your business in one simple place, including your team members, customers, business partners, etc.

Types of Contacts

Contacts is classified into two: Company members and Clients/Partners. In Company members, the contact information of all members of the organization is displayed. In Clients/Partners, customer and client contact information that you added is displayed.

What can we do with Contacts?

# Search member contact information
You can search and check for the contact information of company members added by the administrator by team or department in the organization. It becomes much easier for you to search for specific contact information using Contacts since it provides advanced search. That is, you can simply search by job or department name without knowing the name of the actual member.

# Check the current status of another member
It becomes easier to find out the current status of other members(absence, busy, etc.) and you can refer to such information for a better collaboration environment. In addition to this, it is also possible to request a message or voice/video call directly from the Contacts, or even send a meeting invitation via email.

# Manage Clients/Partners contact information
External contacts, such as contact information of the business partners, can be shared with other members and managed together. By utilizing the business card scanning feature, you can efficiently add the contacts and detailed information such as company, affiliation, and email address written on the card.

# Adding external contacts to LINE WORKS
You can exchange messages with LINE users or LINE WORKS users from other companies by adding their contact information to your LINE WORKS Contacts.

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