Drive User Guide


Upload and save

You can upload files from your device, set and restore file versions.

View and manage files/folders

You can view and download files and collectively view recently updated and marked as important files/folders.

You can create, copy, move, delete, and sort files and folders.

Search for file or folder

You can search by the file/folder names and the text within the file.

Send files

You can send files via message and email.

Share and collaborate

You can share files, folders, and links.

Lock a file

If you do not want other members to edit a file shared in Drive, you can use the 'File lock' function.

Drive environment settings

You can set whether to receive notifications on share invitation and use the version history. You can also select the auto-delete period for Trash and check the storage capacity in use for My Drive.

Drive Explorer

By using Drive Explorer, you can directly edit or save LINE WORKS Drive folders or files on your PC.

Document Viewer

With Document Viewer, you can view documents within LINE WORKS without an external program.