What is Document Viewer?


With LINE WORKS Document Viewer, you can view documents on LINE WORKS without opening an external program. Depending on the document type, files automatically open through Document Viewer or Excel Document Viewer.

However, the default viewer or connected programs have priority in mobile settings. Document Viewer is only supported in mobile settings when the administrator has turned on 'Restrict file download on mobile app' or 'Watermark' settings on 'Admin > Security'.

Supported files on Document Viewer

The supported file extensions by LINE WORKS Document Viewer are as follows. Among the below extensions, spreadsheet documents (.xls, .xlsx, .nxls) open in Excel Document Viewer whereas all other extensions open in Document Viewer.

  • MS Office files (.doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx)
  • PDF files (.pdf)

Using Document Viewer

You can use Document Viewer in all services within LINE WORKS.


  1. Check the document file within the service in use.
  2. Tap the document file.

PC Web

  1. Check the document file within the service in use.
  2. Double-click the document file or click  right to the file.
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