Send form reminders to members who have not responded yet

If the form is targeted to specific members, the form creator can check the list of respondents, and send reminders via message or email to those who have not yet responded to the form.

However, you can only send message notifications to a maximum of 400 people.

Also, a service notification will be automatically sent via message room to remind those who have not yet responded to the form one day before the form is closed.


  1. Tap    in Form.
  2. Tap 'My Forms'.
  3. Tap 'Results' in the form list.
    Tap 'Form List' and then 'Results' for recurring forms.
  4. Tap 'Response' in Form Result.
  5. Tap 'Not Responded'.
  6. Tap 'Re-notify'.
  7. Select the members to send reminders.
  8. Tap to send the reminder via message, or tap to send via email.

PC Web

  1. Click 'My Forms' on the left menu.
  2. Click 'Results' in the form list.
    Click 'Form List' and then 'Results' for recurring forms.
  3. Click 'Response' in Form Result.
  4. Click 'Not Responded'.
  5. Click 'Re-notify'.
  6. Select the members you want to send reminders.
  7. Click to send the reminder via message,  or click to send via email.
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