Message User Guide

Message room list

You can sort the list according to your preferences, pin important message rooms at the top, and hide or delete message rooms you are not participating.

Message room

You can use the General Message Room, Team Message Room, Group Message Room, and Message to me.

Send messages

You can send photos, videos, files, stickers, current location, etc.

You can mention specific members in a message and recall messages sent by mistake within a set time.

Also, you can forward the received messages to another message room or save it as a note or task.

Check messages

You can receive notifications for all messages or only the messages that mention you.

You can check the members who have read the sent messages in real-time.

You can download photos, videos, and files received via messages to your device or Drive. Also, you can auto-translate and view the messages in languages you cannot understand.

Search a message

You can search for a message room with a specific member or exchanged messages and files.

Team · Group Note

You can use Note with team and group members.

Team · Group Event

Team · Group members can create and share schedules.

Team · Group Folder

You can save documents and files used by teams and groups in Folder.

Group Task

You can create and share tasks with group members.

Voice · Video calls

LINE WORKS users can make voice and video calls from 1:1 to up to 200 people at the same time.

Chat with users from other companies

You can have conversations with LINE or LINE WORKS users from other companies.

Message Bot

You can use the Bot API to send notifications on the in-house systems as messages.

Company members can contact the system account and receive a quick response via message.

Message settings

You can change the settings of the following for the Message service: auto-suggest stickers, languages, automatically resend failed messages, quality of photos to send, etc.