Screen sharing


You can share your PC screen with other participants.

You can share the screen during voice and video calls. On the mobile app, you can only view but cannot share the screen.

For those using macOS 10.15 or later versions, you must check LINE WORKS in ‘System setting > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording’ to use screen sharing.

Share the screen during voice and video calls

PC App

  1. Click  or  at the bottom right of the message room.
  2. After connecting to a call, click ‘Screen Share’ at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select a screen to share.
  4. Click ‘OK’.

Select a screen to share

PC App

  1. When you start screen sharing, you will see a window where you can select from monitor screen, web browser, and application. You can also check other screens you are currently using on your PC by clicking  on the right.
  2. Select the screen to share and click ‘OK’.

When sharing the monitor screen (Screen 1, 2), video is not shown to the person you are sharing the screen with. If you see the message saying, ‘Currently sharing [Screen1]’, it means the screen is being shared without an issue. If you don’t want other participants to view the screen, minimize the screen sharing window in the taskbar (Dock).

For those using Windows 10.1903 or earlier versions, you can only share your monitor screen.

Participate in screen sharing


When screen sharing starts during a voice/video call, the shared screen automatically appears.

At the top right, tap to minimize the shared screen window and view the video screen.

PC App

When screen sharing starts during a voice/video call, the shared screen appears automatically.

Zoom in/out the screen


You can enlarge or reduce the shared screen by spreading or pinching fingers.

PC App

You can zoom in or out the shared screen.

Find  on the bottom of the shared screen.

  • : Reduce the screen
  • : Enlarge the screen
  • : Enlarge or reduce the screen at once

Rotate the screen

Rotate the shared screen horizontally or vertically. If you rotate it horizontally, you can see an expanded view of the shared screen.


  1. At the top right of the shared screen, tap to rotate the screen horizontally or vertically.

Change the shared screen

When the person who is sharing the screen wants to share another screen or when another participant wants to share their PC screen, they can use ‘Change Windows’.

PC App

  1. Click  at the bottom of the shared screen and click ‘Change Windows’.
  2. Click on the screen you want to change.
  3. Click ‘OK’.
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