(Currently in Beta version and is only available for selected customers.)

You can broadcast LIVE in high-definition to company members in real-time.

When you need to deliver an important and urgent message of the company or broadcast in real-time to show on-site conditions and demonstrations for training, use LIVE broadcasting on the mobile app. You can share the news with many others in LIVE even in remote working situations.

Broadcasting LIVE

Members with authority to broadcast have LIVE function displayed in the More screen. They can create and share LIVE broadcast links, and start broadcasting LIVE.

Create LIVE broadcast links

Before you start broadcasting, you need to create a LIVE broadcast link to share with company members.


  1. Tap  on the bottom right.
  2. Tap ‘LIVE’.
  3. Tap ‘+ Create link to LIVE ‘.
  4. If necessary, edit the LIVE title or tap ‘Set start time’ and enter the broadcasting time.

Share LIVE broadcast links

Once you have created a link, share it with the members to show the broadcast. If the LIVE broadcast is for all employees, notify by posting on a board. If you invite members to LIVE broadcast and save an event, the members can receive reminder notifications on the starting time of LIVE broadcast. If you want to deliver to a specific person individually, send a LIVE broadcast link via message.


  1. Tap ‘My LIVE > Share link’.
  2. Select the method to share.
    • ‘Copy LIVE link’: You can paste the link wherever you want.
    • ‘Notify on Board’ or ‘Post link in team/group note’: Enter the details and then post.
    • ‘Save link to calendar’: Enter the participants, time, date, and set up reminder time to save the event.
    • ‘Share via message’: Send the link to a specific person.

Start LIVE broadcast

Once the LIVE link has been shared with the audience, start broadcasting LIVE at the time of your choice. Viewers can watch LIVE through shared links and posts.


  1. Tap ‘My LIVE > Start LIVE now’.
  2. Check the camera screen and tap ‘Start LIVE stream’. You can cancel the broadcast within 5 seconds after the start.
  3. The LIVE broadcast begins.

Watch LIVE broadcast

If you are a member of the same company, you can watch live videos in high definition with links and posts. The upcoming schedule or end time for the LIVE broadcast is displayed on the screen. If the LIVE broadcast is on air, the video and the number of viewers are displayed.


  • In the post of Board or Note, tap the play button of the LIVE broadcast currently on air.
  • Tap the LIVE link shared via event or message.
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