How to handle business reporting easily with LINE WORKS

In a company, business reporting requires much importance. If you are eager to know better ways in business reporting, find out how to master it using LINE WORKS.

  • Create meeting minutes easily
  • Reduce the time spent on preparing reports
  • Share reports easily with colleagues

1. Use Note in a group message room to easily create meeting minutes

You can create meeting minutes right in the group message room where the meeting participants are in. Just use Note to easily create the minutes without having to use a document editor. Also, if you store the minutes in Note, it will be easier to search for the information later.

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2. Use templates to reduce the time spent on preparing reports

Do you create a new report from scratch? Try using the templates from LINE WORKS to create business reports easily without drawing up a form each time. You can also create a customized template for your department to save time for every member of the department.

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3. Share a business report that you created with colleagues

You can send a business report that you created using Note or a template via the message room where your colleagues are in. For a business report created in Note, a message notification will be sent to the Group Message Room at the moment of creation. You can even send it to other group's Note simply by pressing a button.

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