Drive use cases for different industries

Drive is where you save and share all of your company's business data
Ever wonder how other companies use Drive?
Find the way to make the most out of Drive for your business with a range of industry-specific use cases.


1. Construction

Deliver training materials that all members should read using the Shared Drive.
Sharing files with many at once gets easy.
If your business is collaborating on large-scale construction projects, try categorizing folders by site/project.
You can manage a large amount of data efficiently with less effort.

Set a member for each Shared Drive to share materials only with specific people.

2. Retail

Organize the specifications, images, and promotion materials of a product for sale using Drive.
You can create folders for each product/season and stay organized in a few easy steps.
If you want to manage the feedback of important customers, try collecting orders or requests in a folder.

If you're concerned about security, try restricting access by employment type.
(E.g. Access restricted to part-timers)

3. Real Estate

Securely save all your important documents that contains personal information.
Restrict access to folders with contracts and customer papers only to specific members, or set as a private folder if needed.

Use permission setting to manage which members can access a certain folder.

4. Education

Create folders for each assignment/grade and manage learning materials by study progress.
Use Drive to easily share images, videos, and other learning materials with students.

Use link sharing to share learning materials with students effortlessly.
If it’s difficult to find materials by file name alone, use the file context search feature to find what you need.

5. Beauty

Create folders for each customer to manage their treatment history.
Providing detailed consultations for returning customers will definitely impress and encourage them to trust your business more.
You can also use Drive to share design samples with multiple employees.
Get started on sharing the latest trends to stay up-to-date.

To organize materials on folders, write the organization method in the Shared Drive's description.

6. Design/advertising

Use folders to manage projects by stage.
You can view which tasks are currently in progress at a glance.
Design forms and research materials from completed projects can be moved and archived in a backup folder.

Check the history to see the changes your teammates made to a folder or file in the Activity tab.
Use the version history to check file versions and recover past versions.

Did you find a Drive use case that works for your business?
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