How to efficiently manage client and customer contacts

Clients, suppliers, partners, subcontracting agencies, and many more. Are you still managing business contacts with Excel? Use LINE WORKS Contacts to easily add, share, and manage client/customer contacts as well as other members of the company.

  • Scan business cards to add information
  • Categorize and search contacts quickly and easily
  • Designate members who can view contact details
  • Prevent anyone from editing contacts by accident

1. Scan business cards to add information conveniently

Do you have piles of business cards that you received from clients and business partners in your office drawer? Then simply take a photo of a business card to automatically add the information such as first name, last name, company and phone number to Contacts. You can also share the added contact with other team members. How convenient!

Find out how to add a contact by scanning a business card.

2. Categorize and search contacts quickly and easily with tags

You can categorize and search client/customer contacts easily by using tags. Create 'Company tags' that all members of the company can see, or 'My tags' that only you can see. Describe features of particular clients and business partners in tags such as whether they are VIPs, from a design agency or involved with Project A to manage your clients and business partners more conveniently.

Find out how to use tags for client/customer contacts.

3. Set privacy to restrict access to contacts from certain members

If you want to share contacts with only specific members, you can set the privacy of each contact to restrict access from others. Only the members or groups who belong to the scope of privacy will be given the privilege to view the contact. If you do not add other members to the list of members who can access the contact, only you can view the contact.

Find out how to edit the privacy of a client/customer contact.
Find out how the administrator can change the privacy of a contact.

4. Prevent important contacts from being edited by setting a permission to edit

Are you worried that contact information may be edited or deleted unintentionally? Setting a permission to edit a contact will allow only the person who created the contact or the administrator to make changes.

Find out more about giving permission to edit client/customer contacts.