Tips on using message rooms for successful collaboration

Are you collaborating with members in the LINE WORKS message room?
Use message room features such as Note, Event, Task, and Folder to successfully get things done.


1. Manage shared materials in Message Room Note and Folder

Store useful information or content related to work such as benchmarks in Note or Folder for all members of the message room to view them anywhere at anytime. You can exchange opinions with each other in Note through comments, or jointly manage data in Folder to perform the project efficiently.

Find out how to upload a post in Note.
Find out how to upload a file in Folder.

2. Add schedules with members in Calendar

It is not easy to manage the schedule of a fast-paced project. In a message room where multiple people collaborate, you can record and manage detailed project schedules. You can invite the person in charge of each event, and get a notification ahead of the event to manage the project skillfully.

Find out how to create an event.
Find out how to invite the person in charge of an event as an attendee.

3. Manage list of things to do with Task

Add and manage tasks in a message room you are collaborating in.
All of the members can co-edit and share tasks to keep track of each other's work.
Speed up your work process by adding messages sent to and from the message room as tasks right away.

Find out how to create tasks.
Find out how to send messages as tasks.