How to search for information you want

Have you ever had trouble finding information that you want among countless messages and files? For those who are suffering, do not miss these useful tips on how to make use of the search feature at LINE WORKS!

  • Find particular content of work without having to know the name of the message room
  • Find a person in charge without having to know the name
  • Find a file without having to know a file name

1. Use the message room search to find particular content of work without knowing the message room

If you do not remember which message room a particular content of work was discussed, then try using the search function on top of the message room list. You can search the entire message room at once without having to open them one by one.

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2. Use information other than a name to find the person in charge

Are you having trouble getting the name of the person in charge? Don't worry. Just use the member contact search function to find the person in charge simply with information on the task/project or department. If the member you are looking for has entered his/her duties and responsibilities, the search result will show the person's contact information to assist your work.

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3. Use the file content search function to find a file without a name

If you cannot remember the file that you uploaded in the Drive, use a keyword that you know to perform a search. If the file that you are looking for contains the keyword you've entered, you can find the file immediately.

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