Use cases for boards in Note

The Message Room Note is a board shared only with message room members.
Post information and share files. You can also write comments to react and exchange opinions.
Learn various ways to use the boards in Note and boost productivity.

1. Share news with members

Are there any news or announcements message room members should know?
Gather them on the 'Team News' board instead of letting them fade away.
Members can keep track of new information anytime and leave comments to share their opinions.

Pin a post as a notice to view not only on Note, but also at the top of the message room.
You can send posts to other Notes.

2. Organize business logs

Create a ‘Business Log’ board to track tasks by project or date.
Effortlessly track the entire history and have members leave comments and share opinions without getting mixed with other projects.

When you leave a comment, members will receive a notification in the message room.

Categorized by period
Work from home: hours

3. Manage inventory and orders

Manage the store inventory and orders using Note.
Indicate the progress in post titles or create boards for each stage to view the work progress.
Message room members can manage or check the current status stated on your posts. 
Now you can avoid running out of stocks or missing orders.

Take notes by product or customer order.

You can also keep a record of your progress by leaving a comment whenever your progress changes.

Edit titles
Move boards

4. Have manual always available

Keep business rules and manuals available in a ‘Manual’ board.
The training will get easy as new members can check the board for information.

You can also allow editing to have all members collaborate on the manual.

5. Manage the team's sales performance

If you need to manage sales performance, create a ‘Sales Performance’ board.
Categorize posts by period or product to easily manage the sales record and performance.

Save a report into a template to write posts without the hassle of rewriting the entire form.

Categorized by period
Categorized by items

6. Share market trends

Keeping track of competitors or market trends are a must.
Try collecting business related information or data in Note so you don't miss out on anything.

Don’t worry about articles and information in a foreign language. Simply press a button for translation.

7. Take care of attendance

How do you keep track of attendance at your workplace?
Upload an attendance chart in Note and discuss day off in the comments.
You can also upload an attendance record to manage complicated shifts and attendance with ease.

To notify a member about a schedule, leave a comment and mention the member.

8. Use boards in Note for different purposes

Use boards in Note for a various purpose including meeting notes, entry logs, emergency contacts, and more.
You can also create a praise board to boost employee morale.

Press like on a post or leave cute stickers in the comments.

Read all about how to use Note boards and find the right use case for your workplace.