How to take advantage of LINE WORKS when working with overseas subsidiaries

In this age of globalization, our work sometimes involves contacting employees in overseas subsidiaries. Do you use up too much time in using a translator or checking the local time whenever this happens? Check out more features in LINE WORKS to help you with smooth communication and cooperation with employees abroad.

  • Use the translate function when communicating with employees abroad
  • Easily set up a meeting with overseas colleagues without calculating the time difference
  • Hold a live video conference anywhere, anytime

1. Freely communicate using the interpret function that supports 6 languages

Simply turn on the interpret function in a message room to have the messages simultaneously interpreted by Papago AI in 6 languages including: English, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian. This function is also available in Board, Calendar, Form, and Mail to facilitate smoother communication.

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2. Add a time zone in Calendar to set up a meeting without calculating the time difference

How inconvenient it is to calculate the time difference every time you want to hold a meeting with colleagues in other countries! Now, add your colleague's time zone in Calendar and you can easily check the local time whenever you invite them to an event.

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3. Hold a live video conference anywhere, anytime

Use LINE WORKS Video Conference to speak to your colleagues abroad more vivid than ever. You can also share the screen to see the materials together, such as for looking at the agenda while having a business meeting, and make use of real-time interpretation feature.

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