Create a recurring survey that you can use every day

"I create a survey every morning to check on the health status of all employees."
"It's hard to ask members to respond to a survey every time."
"I'm downloading the results of a month-long survey one by one."

Are you creating the same survey every day, weekly, or monthly?
Here's how to automatically create a recurring survey with LINE WORKS Form.

1. Create an automatically recurring survey

When you create a survey, try setting recurring intervals.
The same survey will be automatically duplicated and created based on recurring intervals.
You can conveniently get feedback without having to create a new survey every time.

Learn more about setting up recurring survey.
After setting the interval, you can also cancel the recurrence on days when you don't need the survey.

2. Send response requests automatically

It's not easy to send out response requests after creating a survey.
After selecting a recurring interval, try turning on the ‘Automatic response request on repetition’ setting.
Each time a survey is created on repeat, a request notification will also be sent.

If you'd like to share your survey directly, send the ‘Repeating Form Summary’ link.
The link you send will automatically direct to the most recently created survey. Also, you only need to share it once as the link address does not change.

3. Download multiple results at once

You don't have to download survey results that are repeated daily one by one.
Select only the surveys you need from the 'Recurring Form List' and download them at once.
You can receive the results of the selected survey as .csv files.


So far, we've introduced the recurring survey feature, which is useful when sending surveys regularly.
You can experience efficient work automation first-hand using the LINE WORKS Form.