Share Team/Group Tasks for seamless collaboration

"I want to manage tasks for each team or group separately."
“I want to share tasks with all teammates instead of only with the person in charge.”
“I want to check the workload of my teammates.”

When working with many people, it’s important to check who is working on what task and their progress.
Here’s a secret to collaborating efficiently while juggling different projects.
Learn how to share and manage tasks for teams and groups.

1. Begin team/group tasks

Turn on Task in ManageTeam/Group to share tasks with teammates.

Learn how to set Task to in use for Team / for Group

2. Share tasks in a Team/Group Message Room

1) Share with the team/group when writing a task in a message room

If a thought about task came up while talking in a Team/Group Message Room, you don’t have to leave the chat. Add a task right away.
Team/group members can be designated as the assigner and assignee, and tasks can be shared with all teammates.

Learn how to add a task in a message room.

2) Share with a team/group when sending a message as a task

If you were assigned a task during a conversation, add the message as a task on the spot so you don’t forget.
Press and hold the message, write the task details, and select a team/group to share the task.

Learn how to send a message to Task.

3) Check a team/group task in the message room

Do you want to check what tasks your team is working on?
In the Team/Group Message Room, tap on tasks at the top right menu to view the shared tasks of the team/group right away.
Any team member can view or edit a task or create a new task to share.

Learn how to check tasks in a Team/Group Message Room.

3. Collect and manage team/group tasks in Task

1) Check the team/group tasks

You can view and keep track of team/group tasks in Task.
Easily check who is assigned to a task, what tasks have been completed, and add a new task and share it with all team/group members.

Learn how to check the team/group task list.

2) View tasks that are relevant to you

View received tasks to see tasks that have been assigned to you regardless of the team/group.
View sent tasks to see tasks that you’ve requested regardless of the team/group.
You can check tasks with a deadline in Calendar and your personal schedule.

Learn how to check My tasks.

So far, we have introduced a feature that makes managing tasks for teams/groups simple but effective.

LINE WORKS is the solution for easier and more convenient task management!