How to keep track of important tasks

Pouring messages, emails with various requests, and upcoming meetings, it is difficult to keep track of important tasks when notifications are piled up. Here are some useful tips at LINE WORKS to prevent you from missing important messages, emails, or meetings.

  • Pin important message rooms
  • Pin important message rooms
  • Set reminder for important emails
  • Get reminder ahead of important meetings

1. Pin important message rooms to see them first

If important message rooms are pushed down to the bottom of the list, it becomes easier to either miss or reply late to the important messages as well. To prevent this, you can pin important or frequently used Message Rooms to the top of the list. As the pinned message rooms always stay on top of other message rooms, it becomes nearly impossible for you to miss important messages.

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2. Manage important messages with Task

If there are too many messages that demand your attention, try creating a list of tasks with the message threads with specific work requests. Without having to write a daily work report or download other task management app, as an assigner of the task, it becomes easier to manage the task that has been requested by the assigner.

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3. Get extra notifications for important emails by setting up reminders

If your situation does not allow you to reply to an important email immediately after reading it, you can set up a reminder for later. LINE WORKS email reminder enables you to get a reminder on the time you want, but also read the emails separately on different inboxes. This ultimately prevents you from missing any of these important emails.

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4. Get reminders ahead of important meetings by setting up repeated notifications

Try setting multiple notifications the day and an hour before an important business meeting with your partner that you cannot miss. You can make advanced settings to receive both email notification and message notification.

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