Manage issues

(This function is only available for Premium plan.)

For the request from a judicial authority, often only the data stored according to the storage policy have to be checked or submitted. 

In these cases, you can create and manage issues so that only relevant content is retrieved.

In Manage Issues, you can add, edit, and delete issues. Also, you can check the issue results and download them.

Manage Issues page

The following is a description of each item on the Manage Issue page.

Select ‘Archive’ from the left to expand the menu and press ‘Manage Issues’ to access the page.

Register issue

Edit issue

Delete issue

Delete the saved issues.

You can select and delete the issues on the ‘Issue management’ page.

Delete from the Issue management page

Check and download results of a search by issue

Check the search results based on the conditions of the registered issue.

View search result of an issue

Preview the results of the search by the issue’s set conditions.

Press ‘Search’ on the right end of the ‘Issue management’ page to view.

Message room search results

Search results for issues that selected Message as the type.

Mail search results

Search results for issues that selected Mail as the type.

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