Edit group information

Edit the information of the existing group.

For a description of each item in the group information, refer to Add Internal Group or Add External Group pages.

  1. Select ‘Member’ from the left to expand the menu and press ‘Group’ to access the page. On mobile, tap the button to access the menus. 
  2. Select the group name to edit from the group list. If the selected group is internal, the ‘Group info’ page appears. For the external group, the ‘External group information’ appears instead. However, only the external groups created by your company are on the group list.
    • If you press ‘Modify’ on the ‘Group info’ page, you can edit the existing information.
    • Press the ‘Members’ tab and then ‘Change master’ on the bottom.
  3. Edit information and then press ‘Save’.

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