Add organizations

The organization is the official team on the company’s organizational chart. It is different from a Group that has temporary members and is not related to organizational charts such as projects or clubs.

The organization (team) may have a company-appointed leader. Members cannot join, move, or leave the organization on their own.

There are two ways to add an organization to LINE WORKS: individually or in bulk.

Add organizations individually

Add one organization at a time.

Add from the Organization page

  1. Select ‘Member’ from the left to expand the menu and press ‘Organization’ to access the page. On mobile, tap the button to access the menus. 
  2. Press ‘Add’ at the top right to access the ‘Add’ window.
  3. After entering all the required fields, press ‘Add’ on the bottom to complete adding an organization.

The following are the list and descriptions of the information you can enter in the ‘Add’ window.

  • Organization name (required): You can enter up to 100 characters including special characters such as . ! @ & ( ) – _ + [ ] { }. If the multi-language setting is on for the organization name, you can enter the organization name in each of the languages in use to display.
  • Description: Enter a description of your organization. You can enter up to 300 characters.
  • Function:
    • Message: If on, a Team Message Room with only the members of the organization will be created. You can also choose whether to use the Note, Calendar, and Folder functions in the message room.
    • Mailing list (Required, only for Basic and Premium plans): Created automatically and can be edited. It can have 2 to 40 characters in a combination of English lowercase letters, numbers, periods (.), hyphens (-), underscores (_), and exclamation marks (!). However, you cannot use email addresses already in use, including email addresses of members, groups, and organizations.
  • Advanced settings

    • Grant team function authority to the organization head: When the setting is on, the leader is given the authority to the following settings.
      • Upload a representative photo for the team message room
      • Whether to use the Message, Note, Event and Folder functions
      • Comment notification settings for team notes (if Note is in use)
      • Board management for team notes (if Note is in use)
      • Checking storage capacity in use (if Folder is in use)
      • Checking storage capacity of Trash in use (if Folder is in use)
      • Auto-upload all of the files uploaded in the message room to the Folder (if Folder is in use)
      • Whether to use the link-sharing function of the Folder (if Folder is in use)
    • Send organizational notifications to all members: If on, notifications are sent to all members of the organization when members are added or removed, and team functions are turned on or off.
    • Display: If off, the member’s organization and position are not available in the Contacts, organizational chart, and member information details.
    • Set mailing list:
      • If you block emails of external domains, you will only receive emails from the sender with your company’s email addresses.
      • If you designate the members who can send emails, only the ‘Designated members’ can send emails to the mailing list email addresses.

When there is information to update, make changes in the Edit organization information page.

Add organizations in bulk

(This setting is only available for Lite, Basic, and Premium plans.)

You can add multiple organizations at once.

After downloading the sample file, enter the organization information to add according to the sample format and upload.

Recommended for the first time LINE WORKS users and large organizational changes.

When there is information to update, make changes in the Edit organization information page.

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