Mobile external Mail sync

With the LINE WORKS mobile app, you can receive emails from mail services other than LINE WORKS.

This is useful when you want to continue using the existing mail service on the LINE WORKS mobile app. LINE WORKS services such as messages are compatible with the mail service you have been using.

The following are the conditions to use mobile external mail sync.

  • When using the Lite plan as domain
  • If you do not use LINE WORKS Mail services for Basic or Premium plans
  • If the email addresses of the LINE WORKS account and the external mail service in use are the same
    • When a member with LINE WORKS ID “” is syncing an external mail, the external email must be the same ( to use the Mail sync function.
    • If the ID ( or domain ( is different, external mail sync is unavailable.

To use, set as the following.

When a member signs in for the first time after the external mail sync, ‘Sync External Mail’ is displayed on the Mail screen. Press the ‘Sync External Mail’ to enter the sign-in information to complete.

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