Set Custom URL

Change the address for each LINE WORKS service using the domain you entered to register.

Changes will only apply after entering CNAME on the hosting company site.

  1. Select ‘Settings’ from the left to expand the menu and press ‘Domain’ to access the page. On mobile, tap the button to access the menus. 
  2. Press ‘Set Custom URL’ in the default domain section, and go to the ‘Set Custom URL’ page.
  3. Press ‘Edit’, select for the service you want to change, and enter a custom URL.
  4. Press ‘Save’.
  5. Go to the hosting company’s website.
  6. Go to the DNS settings and enter the hostname (domain name) and CNAME record.
    • Step 1 Hostname (domain name): Enter the custom URL value submitted in Admin
    • Step 2 CNAME record: enter

Enter the hostname (domain name) and CNAME record on the hosting company’s website using the above. You can access the service with the changed address after some time (up to 3 days).

The name server management menu and name may differ for each hosting company.

Ask the hosting company to submit the hostname (domain name) and CNAME value for easier registration.

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