Calendar types

LINE WORKS Calendar offers the following types of calendar:

  • My Calendar
  • Company Calendar
  • Team or Group Calendar

My Calendar

The following are the types of My Calendar:

  • Default calendar
  • The calendar you are sharing or shared by others
  • Task calendar

Default calendar

It refers to the default calendar provided to all members automatically.

You can view each member’s schedule in the default calendar to check their schedule or find their available time when creating a new event.

The calendar you are sharing or shared by others

It refers to the calendar shared by others or created and shared with other members by you.

  • Shared calendar
  • Public calendar
  • Subscribed calendar
  • External subscription calendar
  • Delegated calendar

Task calendar

It refers to a calendar that is automatically available to all members who can use Calendar and Task services.

You can check tasks you received and sent with a deadline in the calendar for Task.

Company Calendar

Company Calendar is a calendar created by the administrator and can be viewed by all members. However, members cannot edit or delete events added by the administrator.

Company Calendar is located on the top of Team/Group Calendars. The company name or the group name set by the administrator will serve as the name of the calendar.

The administrator can set whether to use the Company Calendar and manage events in Manage a Company Calendar of Admin.

Team or Group Calendar

Team or Group Calendar is the calendar that you can share events with your team or group.

All members can freely createedit, or delete events.

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