Add or edit questions

In each template, you can create one or more questions, and for each question, you can create one or more answer choices.

Add or edit questions

You can create more than one question in each template and edit them.

The following indicates how to write a question type.

Question type How to fill out the template
Choice-type Select one or more answer choices.
Subjective-type Enter content in text format.
Date-type Enter content in date or date/time format.
Image You can attach up to 3 images.

Change the order of questions

You can change the order of the questions.

Copy questions

You can copy the title and description of each question and the contents of each answer choice.

Delete questions

You can delete the questions you have added.

You can either delete questions from the template composition screen or the questions list.

Delete from template composition screen

Delete from the questions list

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