Use multiple accounts

If you own multiple LINE WORKS accounts, you can add them to the mobile app to use.

  • You can receive notifications for all the accounts you have added, or you can customize the notification settings for each account.
  • You can also easily switch between the accounts.

This feature is only available on the mobile app. To switch to a different account from PC web, PC app, or Drive Explorer, you need to log out and log in to another account.

Add another account

You can add up to 5 accounts to the LINE WORKS mobile app.

Add a second account

You can add a second account while logged in to your first account.

Add more accounts

You can add up to 5 accounts.

Switch accounts

You can switch to another account you have added as below:

  • Tap the push notifications received from other accounts
  • Switch from the Account Switching menu

Log out or remove accounts

If you no longer want to use the accounts you have added, you can log out or remove them from your device.

Log out of your account

If you are not using the account as of now and want to use it later, you can log out of that account.

  • This does not automatically delete previously synced data.
  • You will no longer receive notifications from this account.
  • You will need to log in again the next time you want to use the account.

Delete an account from your device

If you no longer want to use the account on your device, you can delete it.

  • The account will be deleted from the account list on your device, along with the data you have synced.
  • Note that even if you delete an account from your device, it doesn’t mean that it will delete your LINE WORKS account. You can always log in again to LINE WORKS using the account.

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