My status settings


You can select the status to display on your profile.
When you select a status, the status icon will appear on your profile and the member list in a message room.

However, you can only select your status if the administrator has enabled the use of the status display. The status setting is not available for Free plan users.

There are four types of statuses that users can select:

Set your status as ‘busy’ when you want to focus on your work.
Set your status as ‘Away’ when you are away for a while or when you are unable to respond to messages temporarily.
Set your status as ‘Offline’ when your working hours have ended.
Set your status as ‘Absent’ if you are absent for reasons such as vacation, business trip, training, sick leave, or leave of absence.

However, there are two types of statuses that are automatically displayed in My Profile regardless of user settings.

In an event
If an event is scheduled in the user’s LINE WORKS Calendar and is in sync, this icon is displayed automatically during the time of the event.
This icon is automatically displayed if the member has not yet logged in with the account information received after the administrator has added the member.

Status settings

If you set your status, others can easily check your current status.
Your status information is displayed in the following areas:

  • Profile
  • List of message rooms (only in 1:1 message rooms)
  • On the top of 1:1 message rooms
  • General Message Rooms > lists of members currently exchanging messages, members who have not read the messages, and members to mention

Status message settings

You can also leave a status message when selecting your status.

Advanced settings for absent status

When selecting Absent as your status, you can select the period of absence for the given moment or future in ‘Detailed Options’. When the absence period is selected, your status will be displayed as absent on your profile and organizational chart during the period. Also, the display will automatically disappear after the period. In case you receive an email during your absence, you can save a message as an automatic email reply to the sender.

Automatic reply during an absence

If you are using the Mail services, you can set to send automatic replies to emails received during your absence.

Import previous automatic reply

You can import the contents from the previous automatic reply for absence that you have used before.

Remove status

When your current status is set as Busy, Away, Offline, or Absent, you can remove the status anytime.

Scheduled absence

You can schedule your absence by selecting the period.

When scheduled as Absent for your future absence, you will see a ‘Reserved’ section on the bottom of the status setting screen.
However, if you schedule an absence while your current status is set as Busy/Away/Offline/Absent, your current status will change to ‘Not set’.

Change scheduled absence

You can change the reason for and period of absence, status message, and settings for automatic reply at Reserved > Detailed Options.

Turn off scheduled absence

You can cancel your scheduled absence at Reserved > Detailed Options.

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