Login settings

You can only use this function if the administrator has enabled it in the login policy.

Log in with LINE

You can connect your LINE account in advance by using the ‘Login with LINE’ function. With the function in use, you can log in at ease in the future without having to enter your ID and password.

Your LINE account will only be used to verify your LINE WORKS account for logging in.

  • Your LINE account login information will only be processed on the LINE login page. LINE WORKS does not receive or store your LINE password.
  • Your LINE account information will not be exposed to the administrator or members, nor will receive any messages via LINE.

Log in with phone number

If you connect your mobile phone number to your LINE WORKS account in advance, you will receive a one-time verification number via your mobile phone on your every login.

  • You can connect to the phone number set in your profile information or to a new number.
  • If you have connected a different phone number, the number will not be exposed nor used except when logging in to the LINE WORKS services (the phone number set in your profile information will be used for finding your ID/password.)
  • If you are in a situation where you cannot receive text messages on the registered mobile phone number on your next login, you can tap ‘Receive verification number as service notification message (tentative)’ to receive a verification number via service notification.

2-step verification

2-step verification is a function that adds the verification step of receiving a one-time verification number through the method saved in personal information when logging in. Using 2-step verification helps to protect your account from password leaks or attempts to steal your account.

Turn on 2-step verification

  • Saving a personal email address or phone number to receive a one-time verification number activates 2-step verification.
  • After activating the function, you must go through the 2 step verification process every time you log in.
  • Depending on the service usage environment, such as when the in-house system and personal information are synced, you may not be able to directly add information for 2-step verification. In this case, you can request the administrator or add personal information in the in-house system synced with LINE WORKS.

Turn off 2-step verification

Quick login on the mobile app

After logging in on the mobile app, you can set up a quick login for your convenience. You can log in with PIN or biometric authentication instead of entering your ID and password starting from your next login.

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