Install Drive Explorer

Here’s how to install Drive Explorer and select a path to the sync folder.


For Windows 10, version 1809 and later versions later, a feature that allows you to optimize the capacity of your PC is added.
Instead of downloading all the files, you can change the sync status of only the files you need and save them to your PC. (Go to sync settings)
You need to be authorized by the administrator to install this version.

  • When installing the Drive Explorer, it may not be compatible with some anti-virus software.
  • Team/Group Folders are supported the same as the prior versions of 1803: the mount drive (W:) method.
  • For the sync settings of the LINE WORKS Drive used in the earlier versions of 1803, the settings will remain the same even after the OS version is updated.

To find out the version of your Windows, press (Windows key) + R on your keyboard, type ‘winver’ in the field, and then select ‘OK’.

  1. Access the download page (
  2. Depending on the OS you are using, select from 32-bit and 64-bit and click ‘Download’.
  3. Run the saved file to install Drive Explorer.
  4. Click ‘Finish’. Once the installation is complete, check the checkbox of ‘Start LINE WORKS Drive now’ to open the login screen of the Drive Explorer.

Sync Folder path settings

When you set up the sync settings for ‘My Drive’ or ‘Folder Shared’ of Drive, items set for sync will be exposed in the online-only status under the created sync folder (LINE WORKS Drive). The online-only files do not take up additional PC space.

The Sync Folder used previously on earlier versions of 1803 will remain as WORKS Drive.

When installing LINE WORKS Drive v2.8 for the first time

You can select the sync folder from the initial setup window shown after the installation is complete.

The LINE WORKS Drive folder, which syncs Personal Folders and folders shared with you according to the set local disk path, is created.

If LINE WORKS Drive v2.7 is already installed

The previous sync settings are applied the same even after the update.

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