Set up and restore a file version

If you have uploaded a file by overwriting the existing file, you can check the file version history and restore the file to a specific version if necessary.

Any change made to the file is automatically saved so that you do not need to change the file name every time you edit a file.

Version history settings

Enable version history

Each user can set whether to enable the version history for documents in My Drive at Drive Version History settingsThe version history for documents in My Drive uses personal storage capacity. Manage your storage capacity by deleting previous versions that are no longer in use.

The version history of documents in Shared Drives and Team/Group Folders are saved regardless of individual member settings and uses the shared storage capacity.

File types you can restore and storage period for file versions

Only the administrator can change the settings on the file types available to restore and the storage period for file versions.

You cannot restore to a version with the storage period expired.

View version history


You can restore to a specific version in the version history if necessary. You can restore to previous versions of the file only if you have overwritten the existing file when uploading.

Also, you can only restore document and image file formats. The administrator can add or remove file formats in addition to the default ones.

Before restoring to the previous versions, you can preview the content of the files.

Delete a version

You can delete a specific version of a file. Deleting a file version will decrease the storage capacity in use according to the version’s file size.

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