Link sharing

You can share files and folders saved in Drive as links instead of sending them as attachments via email or message. You can easily forward URLs and enhance security with settings for the expiration period, access, and editing permission. You can make use of this function when sharing large files.

Folders and Files that are being shared via links are marked with  next to their names.

Link sharing options

Permission to access

You can select one of the following access permissions to ensure security when sharing a link. Depending on the administrator’s setting, some access permissions may not be available.

  • Everyone who know the link can access
  • Only company employees can access
  • Only those who verified with password can access
  • Only those who verified with OTP can access

Regardless of the access permission settings, you may not be able to access a link for the following reasons:

  • If the person who shared the link has deleted the link
  • If the link was deleted after the expiration date
  • If you are not permitted to access the link as the access permission for the link has been changed
  • (Secure links) If you are excluded from the shared members
  • (Secure links) If you are accessing from a browser other than the first verified browser

Expiration period

You can select an expiration period from no limit, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or 180 days.

Permission to edit

By default, all links are ‘Editable’ when they are first created. The people in which the link was shared can edit the files or upload new files in a folder with links. However, editing is only available on the PC web.

You can also change the link permission setting to View only (permission to read only).

Create shared links for all and company employees

You can copy and paste the link to share via email or message.

Share a link with a password

Share a link with OTP (One-time password)

You can create a shared link that can only be accessed after entering the OTP verification numbers. Users who received a shared link can access the link after verifying with OTP via email. Use this function to share the link safely with those who are not from the same company.

Copy and send a link

If you have selected ‘Access with OTP’, you cannot copy the link.

Unshare a link

You can unshare a link if you no longer want to share the link.

Change link sharing options

You can select the access authority, expiration period, and permission to edit for the shared link.

Check link sharing history

You can check the activity log of members for the shared link below.
You can check the history of activities before the link expires.
Once you delete a link, the sharing history for the link will also be deleted.

  • Accessed the link
  • Previewed
  • Renamed
  • Downloaded
  • Uploaded
  • Overwrote
  • Created a new folder
  • Deleted

Check link sharing history

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