Manage a Shared Drive

You can check the Shared Drives and edit information such as Folder Masters or members. Also, you can manage Shared Drives that are deleted or set as private.

Only the administrator of ‘Admin > Drive’ can access and edit the Shared Drive management setting.

Manage a Shared Drive

Change the scope of sharing for a Shared Drive

If the level of access to a Shared Drive has been changed, you can change the scope of sharing in the Edit Shared Drive screen.

If there is a folder with a permission set within Shared Drive, you cannot change the scope of sharing from ‘All company members’ to ‘Selected members only.’

Set Shared Drive as private

Shared Drives are open to public by default. If you no longer use a Shared Drive and change the settings to make it private, it will no longer be exposed to the company members.

Delete a Shared Drive

If you are no longer using Shared Drives, you can delete them.

The drive will be permanently deleted 30 days after deleting.

Permanently delete a Shared Drive

The available shared storage capacity increases by the size of the permanently deleted files.
Permanently deleted Shared Drives cannot be restored.

Restore a Shared Drive

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