Permission setting for Shared Drive

The Folder Master can assign members who can access the folder. Additional permissions to read or edit folders can only be granted to members who have access to the folder’s parent folder. Permission can be given to each member separately.

Depending on the permissions granted to each member, the folder icon is displayed as one of below.

  • : Unauthorized folder
  • : Folders authorized to edit
  • : Folders authorized to read

For folders with no permission, you cannot access, read, or edit the folders.

Folder Master is granted with the permission to edit and access folders including its subfolders.

Permission settings

Remove permission

Set permission to read or edit for each member

When a member is added, the member is permitted to ‘Edit’ by default. If you need to change the authority to read only, you can do so in ‘Permission to edit’. Members who are permitted to read can download, copy, or send the folder, but have no permission to edit it.

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