Share a folder

You can share a specific folder in My Drive with other members or enable co-editing.

Share a folder

You can invite members to a specific folder. The invited members can access the folder contents, create and edit files. You can select permission to read or edit folders for each member.

Shared folders have  displayed.

Add members to a shared folder

After sharing a folder, you can always add new members to the folder.

Check the members of shared folder

You can check the list of members in the shared folder and select the permission to read or write for each member.

Check members from the folder

Check members from the folder list

Select permission for each member

You can select permission to edit or read the shared folder for each member. When sharing a folder, the members are permitted to edit by default.

Delete members from a shared folder

You can delete members from shared folders.

Unshare a folder

You can unshare a folder.

Rename a shared folder

You can rename a shared folder using ‘Rename’.

However, even if you change the name of a folder, changes will not apply to the members that the folder was shared. Instead, you can unshare the folder and share the folder again to let the members see the folder in its new name.

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