Leave a comment

Members can read or write comments on the post in which the post author allowed comments.

You can also attach stickers or photos to your comments.

Leave a sticker comment

You can send a sticker when leaving a comment.

You cannot use stickers purchased personally on LINE in LINE WORKS.

Leave a comment with a photo, video, or file

You can only send one photo, video, or file for every comment.

Mention in comment

You can also select a member’s name from the existing comments to leave a comment and send a message notification to the member.

Select a member’s name to mention

Use @ to mention a member

You can also enter @ to send a notification to a specific member.

Notifications for mentioned messages

Names mentioned in comments are highlighted in blue, and you will receive notifications whenever your name is tagged.

Comment notifications

Post authors can receive message notifications for every new comment on posts that allow comments.

By turning ON the comment notifications on the posts you are interested in, you will receive notifications whenever someone leaves a comment on these posts.

Reply to comments

You can reply to the comments in the posts where comments are allowed. Whenever you reply to a comment, the person who left the comment will be automatically mentioned.

You can also attach files and stickers on comment replies. However, even if a comment is deleted, the comment replies will not be deleted.

The administrator and the Board Manager can delete comments and replies but cannot edit them.

Reply notifications

Whenever someone replies to a comment, notifications are sent to the following: the post author who allowed the comment function, members who left the comment, or mentioned in the reply.

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