View and download photos and files

You can download photos, videos, and files attached to an email to your device or save them to Drive.

When you download the attached file, a virus scan is performed automatically.

However, files with a limited download period may be excluded from the virus scan depending on the file size.

View and download photos

You can enlarge the photos attached to an email or download them to your device or Drive.

Edit photos

View and download videos

You may be unable to play or download some video file formats depending on the administrator’s settings.

View and download attachments

You can download attachments to your device or save them to Drive.

View attachments

You can view the photos or document files attached in the text using the built-in viewer.

  1. Tap an attachment to view the content using the built-in viewer.

View and save ‘Files with download limit’

The attachment will be automatically switched to a file with a download limit when the following are true:

  • Attachment exceeds the file size limit set by the administrator
  • The administrator has enabled the ‘Files with the download limit’ function

Files with download limit can be downloaded up to 100 times within 7 days.

Once the download period expires and the count limit exceeds, the file will be automatically deleted and cannot be restored.

You can view and download files with a download limit in the same method as general attachments.

Storage period for attachments in email

There is no limit in the storage period for general attachments. All files are stored within the personal storage capacity of the plan you are using.

Delete an attachment

You can keep the contents of the email and only delete the attachments.

You cannot restore the attachments you deleted.

Save an email to PC

You can save your email in .eml format to your PC.

When saving all emails in a mailbox, you can create a backup for the mailbox in the ‘Mailbox setting.

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