Write/reply to emails

Default editor/font for writing

You can select the editor type to display on the Compose Mail screen, default font, and font size.

Sender’s name

You can select the name to display as the sender to the email recipients.

Default sender’s email address

You can select the email address that appears as the sender’s email by default when sending emails. You can use this feature if you are authorized to send emails using your subdomain or the mailing list of a group or organization.

Delay delivery

This function delays the sending of emails for 10 seconds to 1 minute after pressing the send button. By using this function, you can prevent making mistakes by canceling or editing an email during the delay period before sending the email.
Using this function saves sent emails regardless of the settings to allow you to edit and resend emails after cancellation.

Delay delivery settings

When the function is in use, a message that says ‘Delay delivery’ will be displayed with the following choices: ‘Cancel delivery’ and ‘View mail’.

Always send emails individually

When sending an email to multiple recipients, you can set whether to make it appear as an individual email by default. You can also change this setting in the Compose Mail page.

Preview before sending

You can review your email contents before sending them.
If you set the security level to ‘Restricted’ or ‘Confidential’, the preview screen will always appear before sending the email.

Always include yourself in Cc

You can set whether to always include your email address in Cc or Bcc.

Select an email address to receive replies

You can select an email address different from the one that shows on the recipient’s Compose Mail page when replyingThis function applies to the emails you send after changing the setting.

Select an email address to receive replies

Receive replies to sender’s address

Fold original email in reply

You can set whether to include the folded version of the original email when replying.

Quick response settings

You can change the settings to enable quick response when reading an email.

Add a quick response

You can enter phrases or sentences to display as a quick response.

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