Import external emails

You can import the emails from other email services to LINE WORKS by registering the external email account.

To import external emails, the following conditions must be met:

  • The administrator has enabled the ‘Import external email’ function in Admin.
  • You can register up to 10 external email accounts.
  • Activate the POP3 of the email address you want to register.
  • When importing emails for the first time, the system imports all emails in the mailbox and then imports only the newly received emails afterward.
  • The system will not import emails that are larger than 50MB.

Import external emails

Retrieve IMAP emails

You can import emails through an external IMAP server.

Once the emails are successfully retrieved, you will receive an email on the result to your account.

When the system fails to retrieve the emails due to the status of the IMAP server or the network, it will restore to the previous status. If you retrieve emails again on the same account, the same emails may be saved twice.

Upload emails

You can upload and use .eml format files saved on your PC.

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