Share a file or a folder

You can share files and folders to other group members via links. However, External Groups cannot use link sharing.

When you create a link to share for a folder or a file,  will be displayed on the list.

Link sharing is available only when the team or group administrator has activated the link sharing function.

Create a link to share

Copy and send a shared link

You can copy shared links for a file or a folder and send them via email or messages.

Delete a shared link

If you no longer need to share a folder or a file, you can delete the shared link.

Check the status of a shared link

You can check the details of shared folders or files such as access authority, valid period, and permission to edit.

Check the shared link history

If you are sharing a link to a folder or a file, you can check the history of the shared link. By checking the history, you can check if all necessary members have downloaded the file, or if the file has been changed or deleted.

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