Message room list

You can manage the message room list using functions such as sort, pin, hide, and delete.

Sort message room

The message room list is sorted automatically according to the selected standard.

The default setting sorts message rooms by time, and you can sort the message room according to the standard of your choice.

  • By time received: The most recent messages are on the top of the list; the order is in the latest to the oldest.
  • By unread / read: Message rooms with unread messages appear first regardless of the type of message room.
  • By type: Message rooms are categorized by type and in the order of Official/Bot Message Rooms, Team/Group Message Rooms, and General Message Rooms. You can collapse or expand the list by message room type.


Pin or unpin message rooms

You can pin frequently used message rooms to the top or unpin them.


Hide message rooms

You can hide selected message rooms from the list.


Message rooms you have hidden from the list will automatically reappear when a new message arrives.To stop a message room from reappearing, you can leave the message room.

Leave a message room

You can leave a message room on the message room list. You can only leave General Message Rooms, and cannot leave Team or Group Message Rooms.

You can also leave the message room within the message room.

Once you leave a message room, you can no longer see the conversation shared in the message room. Other members remaining in the message room can still see the messages you’ve sent.

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