Team Message Room

A team message room consists of the team members in the organizational chart. In Team Message Rooms, you can use Note, Event, and Folder, in addition to Message, to facilitate communication and collaboration with the members of the organization. The administrator can set whether to use a Team Message Room for each organization.

Create a Team Message Room

Team Message Rooms are not created automatically. Only the team leader can create a Team Message Room.

Team members are automatically added or deleted according to the changes made in the organization—such as new appointment, transfer and resignation. Accordingly, a team member cannot leave the Team Message Room without any organizational change. Also, members of other organizations cannot be invited to the Team Message Room.

The administrator can set the options for the Team Message Room—such as Note, Event, Folder, and Group Notification—in advance. The name of the Team Message Room cannot be changed by the team members. The name changes automatically when the name of organization changes.

You can only create a Team Message Room for an organization with 100 members or less. For organizations with more than 100 members, request the administrator to create a Team Message Room.

Enter a Team Message Room

If the team leader has created a Team Message Room,  will be shown to the team members on the right side of the organization in Contacts.

If you belong to multiple organizations, select an organization of your choice to see the icon.

Enter a Team Message Room from organizational chart

Enter a Team Message Room from message room list

After the team leader has created a Team Message Room, the team members can see the message room created in the name of the organization on the message room list.

Use the sorting function in the message room list to group the message rooms by type. You can see all ‘Team/Group’ message rooms at once.

Share chat history

The team leader can change the settings to share the chat history of the Team Message Room to the newly added members.

This function only applies to new members in the Team Message Room and does not apply to the existing members.

Team Message Room photo

When a Team Message Room is created, the Team Message Room photo is set with a default photo. Select a photo that well represents the characteristics of the organization to help you distinguish it from other message rooms.

All team members can change the Team Message Room photo.

Change the Team Message Room photo

Leave a Team Message Room

Since all Team Message Rooms are created according to the organizational assignment, team members cannot leave a Team Message Room by themselves unless there has been an organizational change.

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