Chat with LINE users

With LINE WORKS, you can exchange messages with LINE users 1:1 or as a group.

However, you need to be authorized by the administrator to connect with LINE users.

You can start business conversations with LINE users using your LINE WORKS account without having to add them to your personal LINE account.

Add a LINE contact

To start a conversation with a LINE user, the LINE user must first add you as a friend.

When the administrator authorizes you to connect with LINE accounts, you will receive the information that LINE users need to add you as a friend.

You can find the information on the LINE connection in your profile.
  • My Message ID (same as your LINE WORKS ID)
  • My QR Code
  • Add Contact URL

When a LINE user adds you as a friend, a message room will be created.

You can select the profile of the LINE user you are having a conversation with to add to Contacts.

The information added in the company contacts (your photo, name, and the name of company) will appear in your LINE profile.

You cannot change the status message, which shows as your company name.

For more information, refer to Add a LINE contact.

Send your Message ID

You can let others add you as a contact or send you a message by searching your ID on LINE or LINE WORKS.

Send your QR code

Send your QR code to let others scan and add you to their LINE or LINE WORKS Contacts.

Send your Contact URL

When you send your Contact URL, others can simply tap the URL to add you as a contact.

Find LINE users in LINE WORKS

If you add LINE users to your Contacts, you can easily find them to start a conversation.

Find LINE users in the message list

When a LINE user adds you as a friend, a 1:1 message room will be created.

The message room with LINE users is displayed with .

Find LINE users in members list

Find LINE users in Contacts

LINE users who added you as a friend and began a conversation with you to your Contacts as an external contact.

You can find LINE users added as external contacts in Contacts and edit or delete their contact information.

Find LINE WORKS users in LINE

You can find LINE WORKS users added to your LINE contacts in the ‘Official accounts’ of LINE.

Your photo and name added in the Company Contacts will appear in your LINE profile. You cannot change the status message, which shows your company name.

Chat with LINE users

When a LINE user adds you as a friend, a message room will be created.

To chat with multiple LINE users, invite LINE users added to your External Contacts to create a message room.

You can chat with multiple LINE WORKS users as well as LINE users.

When you are invited to a LINE group, you will receive a notification, and a message room connected to the group will be created.

However, users who are not authorized to connect to LINE by the administrator will be automatically excluded from the group even if they are invited to the message room.


Open a message room in the list

Create a message room

Rename a message room

You can rename message rooms with multiple LINE users.

However, the new name will not appear for LINE users.

Send a LINE sticker

LINE WORKS users and LINE users can exchange stickers.

However, you cannot use stickers purchased on LINE in the LINE WORKS app.

Recall a message

You cannot recall messages sent to LINE from LINE WORKS.

Block messages from LINE users

You can block messages sent from LINE users or LINE WORKS users from other companies. For more information, refer to Block or unblock messages from External Contacts.

Edit additional information of LINE users

When you add LINE users in LINE WORKS, their contact information will be saved to your Contacts.

You can add or edit additional information such as name, phone number, and email in your External Contacts.

For more information on how to use the LINE services, refer to LINE Help.

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