Create a post

You can create a post on each board and include not only texts but also photos, videos, templates, files, URLs, and stickers in the posts.

Create a new post

You can create a new post by opening Note in the Group Message Room.

Edit the body

Change the text style

You can change the font size, shape, and color of the text.

Insert a photo

You can select photos from your device or take a picture using the camera app to insert photos into the post.

Edit an image

You can drag & drop or upload images saved in your computer and edit them.

Insert a video

You can select videos from your device or take a video using the camera app to insert videos into the post.
However, you can only insert .mp4 and .mov files.

You can only insert .mp4 and .mov files, which can be played in the H.264 codec.

You can search videos inserted into the post by searching their titles.

Edit the video title

You can edit the title of the video inserted into the post.

Insert a video URL

You can insert videos provided by video platforms as a URL in the post.
* Supported video platforms: YouTube, Naver TV, Vimeo
The video may not be displayed depending on the content uploader’s settings on the video platform.
Also, the videos are subjected to the restrictions of the platform that provides the video URL.

Insert a sticker

You can insert stickers, including LINE stickers, into posts.

Insert a template

You can create templates that suit your business needs to add in posts.

You can always create a new template.

Insert a form

You can insert a form into the post.

Insert a translated text

You can translate the text you are writing into another language and insert it into the body.

Languages are available in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Insert a file

Insert a photo or video file stored in the device

You can attach photos or videos stored in your device as files.

Attach a file stored in a Team/Group Folder or Drive

You can attach photos, videos, and document files stored in a Team/Group Folder or Drive.

The maximum number and file size of attachments

There is no limit on the number of files that can be attached to a single post. However, the maximum file size depends on the limit set by the administrator. Attachments are uploaded depending on the availability of the maximum shared storage capacity.

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