Send photos, videos and messages

You can send photos and videos stored in your device, or take a photo using the camera app and share it directly.

You can also send photos and videos stored in Drive via messages.

Send photos/videos stored in the device

Send photos stored in the device

Send videos stored in the device

Send photos/videos taken with the camera app

Edit photos

You can edit and send photos on the spot.

Send a screenshot

In the PC app, you can take a screenshot on your PC or create an animated GIF to send via messages or save it on your PC.

You can also edit the screenshot image before sending.

Display setting for the LINE WORKS app

You can set whether to automatically hide the LINE WORKS PC app when taking a screenshot.

Take a screenshot

Make a GIF

Exit screenshot

The maximum number and file size of photos and videos that can be shared

You can send up to 20 photos, videos, and files at once. The maximum size per file depends on the limit set by the administrator.

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