Voice and video calls

You can make voice and video calls from 1:1 to up to 200 people at the same time.

You can join a call via the mobile or PC apps. You must allow access to the microphone and camera before starting.

Calls between v2.9 or prior versions and v3.0 or later versions are not supported. For a calling experience without an issue, please update your app to v3.0.
However, to make voice and video calls with LINE or another company’s LINE WORKS user, you need to get authority from the administrator.

1:1 voice/video call

Make a voice call from the profile in Contacts

You can make a 1:1 call by searching the member in Contacts.

Make voice/video call in a message room

You can make voice and video calls right from the message room.

Join a voice/video call

Group voice/video call

In the message room, several people can make a voice or video call at the same time.

Make a group voice/video call

Please refer to the supported requirement for voice and video calls.

Join a group voice/video call


Invite members to a group call

You can send invitations to members who have not joined the group call.

You can only send an invitation to the members of the same message room.

Group voice/video call screen

Click the icons at the bottom of the PC app’s group call screen to use the corresponding functions.

  • Full Screen – Enlarges the screen to full size.
  • Larger Screen – Displays the screens of up to 16 users, including the screen of one user whose screen is displayed in a larger size.
  • Divided Screen – Splits the screens of up to 16 users, including yours.
  • : Camera on/off – You can turn your camera on or off. When you turn off the camera, your profile photo will be displayed on the other users’ screen.
  • Mic on/off – You can turn your microphone on or off.
  • : Speaker on/off – You can turn your speaker on or off. (If it doesn’t work, check the speaker settings on your PC.)
  • : Turn on/off Screen Share – During a group call, you hold a meeting while sharing your PC screen with other participants.
  • : Leave – You can leave the group call. (If there is more than one person in the call, this only ends your call and the other participants’ call status remains the same.)
  • : View participants list – You can check the list of all people who are participating in the group call. You can select the person you want to display on the screen from the list.
  • Go to Help – You can check the user guide for voice/video call and screen sharing, as well as troubleshooting.
  • : Settings – You can access the call settings on the PC app. When making a call, you can change the device to connect and adjust the speaker and microphone volume.

Check the microphone and camera before starting a video call

Before joining a group video call, you can turn on/off your microphone or camera.


Check who is currently speaking

When using a voice call, you can check the members who are currently speaking.

You can use this function for both 1:1 and group calls.

Mute a participant’s microphone

You can mute the microphones of other participants during a group voice/video call.

The mute function is only available for v2.9 or later versions.

Call settings

You can change speaker, microphone and camera settings in Settings of the PC app.

Start a meeting (call) with a link

When you create a meeting link while creating an event, you can join the video meeting immediately by pressing the ‘Join video meeting’ button on the event details.

Share the created meeting link via message room, Home, or Note to enable any company members to join the video meeting by simply pressing the link.

  • Only users who belong to the same company as the user who created the meeting link can join the meeting. Members of other companies cannot participate in the meeting via the link.
  • For meetings with participants from other companies or who are selected, use the group call function available in message rooms. Only the members who are invited to the message room can join the group call.

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