Manage task list

The following are available in Task:

  • Received Tasks: You can view all tasks in which you have been assigned as an assignee.
  • Sent Tasks: You can view all tasks that you created, currently assigned as assigner, or previously assigned as assigner or assignee. However, the tasks you are currently assigned as assignee do not appear in the sent list.

In the task list, you can view the contents of the tasks entered before the first line break, sort the list by criteria, mark as complete or important, or delete a task.

Sort tasks

You can sort the task list by criteria of your choice.

You can select the following sorting criteria. The list is shown in the order of date registered by default.

  • By date registered: Sort in the order of most recently created tasks.
  • By deadline: Sort in the order of Past, Today, Tomorrow, Within 7 days, Onwards, and No deadline.
  • By importance: Tasks marked as important are placed on the top.

Set to view completed tasks

You can set whether to view completed tasks in the list.

Completed tasks appear on the list by default.

Mark as complete or incomplete

You can quickly mark a task as complete or incomplete from the task list.

Or, you can also do the same by tapping a task on the task details screen.

Mark or unmark a task as important

You can mark or unmark tasks as important from the task list.

If you sort the list by importance, tasks marked as important are displayed on the top.

Delete a task

You can delete a task from the task list.

Or, you can also do the same by tapping the task.

When you delete a task, it will also be deleted from the list of other members who can view the task. Deleted tasks cannot be restored.

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