Create a task

After entering the content of the new task, you can select a deadline, assign an assigner and an assignee, or attach a file.

Enter the content

You can enter up to 5,000 characters for the content of each task.

The information entered before the first line break is displayed in the task list and is in large and bold font when checking the details of the task.

Select a deadline

You can select a task deadline from the given values or the calendar.

The default setting is ‘No deadline’.

Select an assigner and an assignee

You can select an assigner and an assignee by searching for names or selecting from the organizational chart.

Assigner refers to a member who has requested to perform a task, and the assignee is a member asked to perform the task.

You can only select one assigner and assignee each. You cannot select a member of another company.

By default, task creators are assigned as assigner and assignee. If you select someone else other than you, notifications are sent to the selected person when the task is saved.

Attach a file

You can attach up to 10 files and 2GB to each task.

Attachments may be restricted depending on the ‘Restrict file uploads on mobile app’ and ‘Block certain file extensions’ settings in Admin.

Attach a photo or a video file stored in the device

You can attach photos or videos stored in your device as files.

Attach files stored in Drive

You can attach photos, videos, or document files stored in Drive.

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