LINE WORKS is a business version of LINE.
Specifically, this is a collaboration tool that is fully optimized for your business.
Provided features like Message, Calendar, and Drive, will help to enhance your team's work performance.
LINE WORKS also has a similar interface to LINE, and therefore, anyone can use it easily.

It is time to enjoy easy-using LINE WORKS, the ultimate solution for your business.

Easiest way to get connected with your team

LINE WORKS is here to take your business communications to the next level.

Business collaboration
through a single channel

Work anytime, anywhere with LINE WORKS.
It provides essential features like Message, Calendar, and Drive to make better of your business collaboration.

Vivid communication is now possible even with the distance

Meet your team members with reliable voice/video calls.
LINE WORKS offers a high-quality video conferencing technique that makes the entire team feel as if both remote and office working members are together in one place.

Collecting opinions
according to specific circumstances

Collecting and analyzing the opinions of multiple members is no longer difficult. Form provides a simple but effective survey with templates both adjustable and customizable to various circumstances.

Efficient project management
makes stronger team connection

Even if belonging to different teams or groups, members can manage project schedules and share documents together in one place using Group feature.

Repetitive tasks are automated with our innovative Bot

Easy-to-build, but innovative LINE WORKS Bots help your team to optimize the business resources by automating repetitive tasks.

Strengthening company IT security is the key to success

Safe management of the company's important informational assets without worrying about leakage or loss.

Enables business communication
clear and professional

It becomes easy to check whether the important message or announcement has been delivered to your team members.

Streamline the client and customer communication
in one app

Integration with LINE or other LINE WORKS account features makes you keep in touch with clients and customers as well as communicate better.

Read LINE WORKS Guide for more in detail

Stay updated on both PC and Mobile

LINE WORKS can be used anywhere there is an Internet.
Download the app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC to communicate with your team members in real time.

Mobile App


PC App


User Roles


The person who first opens LINE WORKS account becomes the administrator. As an Administrator, you are given the authorities to not only set the account information, but also both invite and add team members to LINE WORKS.


The person who joins a LINE WORKS by an administrator or invited by other team member becomes a member. You can collaborate using various features of LINE WORKS. You do not have authorities to manage the company account.​

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